1/ Aims of Gatley Festival (taken from the Constitution)


The aims of the group shall be:


To develop and support a spirit of community throughout Gatley Village, primarily through an annual festival. The festival will encourage all age group, faiths, local groups, and charities to join together to celebrate and develop the diverse communities within Gatley.


Through the annual festival to raise funds which will be given to local Gatley community groups to support their development.


2/ The environment


It is the policy of the Gatley Festival committee to inform and involve parents, guardians, carers, and teachers in partnership to create, as far as is practicable, a safe environment at the Festival and supporting events for which the Committee is responsible. Officers and Committee serve in a voluntary capacity and are assisted during the festival, and at other events, by voluntary stewards.


At the Festival and other events organiSed by the Committee, responsible for the supervision of children attending in any capacity lies with the parents/guardians/carers who should at all times ensure that their children are accompanied and supervised by responsible adults on their behalf.


Audiences at the Festival and other events organised by the Committee comprise people of all ages including children. Performers must ensure that all works being performed are suitable for this audience and, in particular, do not include material that is inappropriate for children.


3/ Policy Application


Children are persons under 18 years of age and this policy also covers vulnerable adults, of any age, who are identified to the Festival Committee prior to their arrival at the Festival. In recognition of the needs of performers from minority ethnic groups and those who are disabled, the Festival actively seeks to meet needs notified to the Committee.


4/ Events Organisers and Stewards


The Committee relies on volunteers to carry out this work. Personnel on duty at the Festival and other events will be identified by the Committee. The Secretary will maintain a register of volunteers. During the Festival, officers and members of the Committee will wear badges showing their name and designation. Stewards and volunteers will be identified by wearing distinctive tabards. Anyone with a problem or concern may approach a Committee member or steward and will be directed to the Committee Chairperson. All reported problems will be documented.


5/ Preparation for attendance at the Festival


Individuals and groups wishing to take part in the Festival are required to submit an application form to the Committee member responsible for the appropriate activity. Prior to the Festival a registration slip showing the date, time and venue will be sent to all those accepted. This will be accompanied by a copy of this Child Protection Policy. Where parents/guardians/carers are not personally attending the Festival with their children, this policy requires them to be satisfied that their children will be accompanied and adequately supervised at all times by a responsible adult acting on their behalf.


6/ Arena and assembly areas


Stewards are in attendance at all venues but are not responsible for the supervision of children. Parents/guardians/carers must ensure that children or vulnerable adults are adequately supervised. Changing facilities are not normally provided but are available close to the Festival at Gatley Hill House and parents/guardians/carers have the responsibility for the protection of their child should they decide to get changed.


7/ Photography and video-recording


Members of the audience and the public (as well as parents/guardians/carers) are free to take photographs or video-recordings. Parents/guardians/carers who do not wish photographs or video-recordings to be taken are advised not to apply for or attend the Festival.


8/ Responsibility of the Festival Committee


The Committee is a voluntary organisation with no statutory responsibility to investigate allegations of child abuse. It has, however, the responsibility to refer to concerns regarding the safety of children to the appropriate agency for investigation. The welfare of children is paramount at all times. Any concern about a child directly relevant to attendance at the Festival or other events should be referred to the Chairperson who will decide the appropriate action and, in the unlikely event that it is necessary, make a referral to the Social Services. Any such referral will be recorded and the record retained.

In the case of emergency, the Chair (or any Officer available) will ensure that medical attention is received from the First Aid service at the Festival or the police officers as appropriate. The police have the powers to act immediately to protect the child.


All information regarding a child and their family is confidential and should only be disclosed to the Chairperson in order to assess any action to be taken as a result of the concern. Any disclosure of confidential information can only be undertaken with the express permission of the parents/guardians/carers concerned except where it is considered necessary for the protection of the child, in which case the information can be shared with the appropriate authority.


9/ Policy Revue


The Committee will review the policy prior to each annual Festival and improve or clarify it as necessary.