Gatley Festival is a celebration of village life and the community of Gatley and is an opportunity for everyone to join together.

It is organised and operated completely on a volunteer basis by members of the Gatley community.

Gatley Festival is funded by our stalls, raffle ticket sales and the generosity of local businesses and the collections we operate on the day of the parade, all proceeds from the Festival are donated to local causes.

Firstly, I would like to thank the previous festival committee who worked so hard for so many years to provide Gatley with a fantastic festival.

A new committee has now been set up with myself as the new chair.
I am pleased to announce that this year’s festival will run the weekend of Friday 30th June to Sunday 2nd July 2017. The team are working really hard to turn their exciting ideas into events everyone can enjoy in Gatley! The festival does cost a lot of money to run, so part of hard work means we are also looking at how we can sustain the festival for the future. This may mean small charges being introduced for events, as well as looking into other funding options available to us.

Events will be revealed in due course, so please support the events and the festival by buying tickets for yourself as well as your friends and family!These are exciting times and as ever we rely on your support for all our events to make the festival a great success!Looking forward to seeing you at Gatley Festival 2017………..Thank you in advance for your support!

Emma, Chair of 2017 Gatley Festival Committee